CloutHub is a Next-Generation Social Network that allows users to Positively Connect & Collaborate About their interests, and Current Social, Political & Community Issues.

CloutHub Is A Next-Gen Social Network To Positively Share & Collaborate On Today's Trending Discussions

We are on a mission to help change the world by giving everyone a platform to influence and impact the issues they care about most.

Meet Collaborate Share

Designed from the ground up to bring people together to connect, collaborate, & influence today's social, political & community issues.

When People Come Together, Good Things Happen

  • Designed with tools and processes you need to connect, discuss, debate, organize, advocate and influence the issues you care about.
  • Easily connect with other users based on common Interests.
  • Form groups, access valuable resources, get your news.
  • Everything you need to engage in the social, political and community issues that matter most
Restoring Integrity to Social Media

Social Media Users Can Trust

Every major social media platform has been accused of censorship & violating user's rights. CloutHub will NEVER:

  • Censor members based on their political beliefs. 
  • ​Manipulate what members see or follower counts.
  • ​Tracks member behavior or movements.
  • ​Sell member data to the highest bidder.
A One-Stop, all in one Social Media Platform

A One-Stop, all in one Social Media Platform

CloutHub integrates the best of what's being offered and more all into one single app.
  • Socialize with friends across the platform
  • Receive the latest news
  • Express Yourself
  • Privately share updates with friends and family
  • Create and share content

Existing Social Media is Fragmented, users must maintain multiple different platforms

A Positive User Experience

A Healthy User Experience

CloutHub uses advanced technology to keep interaction positive, productive and healthy.

We believe in fair and transparent rules of conduct that are reasonable and clearly spelled out with clear procedures for violators. All rules are applied equally to all users. No Bias or Censorship. No Shadowbanning.

We believe in your free speech. Everyone has the right to their opinion, even to say stupid stuff. Come to discuss ideas and make a difference. We do have specific rules about harassment, threats, pornography and specific deliberately inflammatory words and phrases. However, unlike other platforms we tell you precisely what they are in our Terms of Service.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection - Just because we join a website doesn't mean we give up our right to privacy.

Limited data collection and No 3rd party sharing.

Unlike our competitors, CloutHub is committed to the privacy of our members. We collect and store only the data you agree to provide us and we do not collect any unique device identifiers or location information. CloutHub will never sell or share the data you provide to us with outside parties, except as required to comply with by the law.


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