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The latest update
The latest Version of CloutHub  is 1.1.2 for Android & 1.1.2 for Apple (Released 07/17/2019)

How to get a quick start with CloutHub

The key to getting started on CloutHub is to connect with other users and begin engaging. We encourage you to take the following steps; 
1. Set up your personal profile. You will want to add your picture and a header picture. Be sure to answer the required fields. We encourage you to complete your bio and your interests. This will help other users find you based on common interests. Remember on CloutHub none of the information you provide is ever shared with third parties. The information merely helps other users to know what your interests are and they can connect and follow you. 
2. Use the search bar at the top of the public forum page to search for friends. If you start typing their name you will find them or people with similar names. You can tap on thier avatar and see their public profile, what you have in common, read their recent posts and decide to follow or connect with them,
3. Invite your friends to join. If you go to the side bar menu and click on "My Contacts" you will see your phone contacts and can individually invite some of your friends. They will get a personal invitation from you asking them to join CloutHub. If you go to the Twitter tab and connect with your twitter account, you can send invitations directly to your followers in Twitter. (Twitter only allows 200 followers per 10 minutes to connect to CloutHub so if you have a lot of followers it may take a while for them all to be connected to your invite buttons. 
Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between Follower and Friends?

Originally when the app was first launched, you can only send private messages to friends only and not following/followers. Also you will be able to see your following's post but they cannot see your posts. But since we are still growing, we've enabled members to send private message to each other and see everyone's posts. In the future, we will revert back to how it was intended. 

How to Like a Post?

To like a post or comment, tap the lightbulb and it will turn orange indicating you have liked the post.   

Can I edit my post?

Yes you can. Simply tap on your post's option (...) on the top right to open Options and select Edit this post.

Not sure what a button does?

At any time if you are unsure what a button or icon do, hit the orange ? in the top right corner of the page, and a help screen overlay will pop up showing you what all the buttons and icons on the current page do. Just click the X in the bottom right corner to close the help overlay. 
Help Videos
Setting Up Your Profile
1. How to Add Your Profile Picture
2. How to Add Profile Background
3. How to Set Up Your Profile Info
4. How to Set Up Your Profile Interest
Inviting Your Connections
5. How to Invite Contacts
6. How to Invite Twitter 
Seeing Your Connections
7. How View to Your Followers
8. How View to Your Following
9. How View to Your Friends
Meeting Other Members
10. How to View to Member's Profile
11. How to Follow a Member
12. How to Friend a Member
13. How to Send a Message
14. How to Send a Message with Image
15. How to Send a Message with PDF
Search for People
13. How to Search by Name
14. How to Search by Interest
15. How to Search by Location
How to Create a New Post
16. How to Create a New Post
17. How to Attach an Image File
18. How to Attach a PDF File
19. How to Add Tags
20. How to Add Location
21. How to Add a Poll
How to Share a CloutHub Post
22. How to Share a Post in CloutHub
23. How to Share a Post via Message
24. How to Share a Post in Twitter
25. How to Share a Post in Facebook
Step (1) Setup a Your CloutHub Profile
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Step (2) How to Invite Your Friends & Followers
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Step (3) How to find other Users to Connect with
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How to create a public post
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How to Share a post to Twitter
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How to view other user Profiles
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