Google Whistleblower News Prompts CloutHub to Announce Their Vision to Transform Social Interaction Online

Google Whistleblower News Prompts CloutHub to Announce Their Vision to Transform Social Interaction Online

Jeff Brain, CEO CloutHub®

A Google whistleblower has blown the lid off the search engine's inherent bias in an interview with Project Veritas. This happened on the heels of learning about lists of "hate agents" at Facebook and hearing about the suppression of content on Pinterest. As more and more content creators learn their hard work is being suppressed or even censored, the need for a neutral platform, governed by clear, specific rules and no deceptive practices is even more urgent. CloutHub® is poised to meet the challenge.

CloutHub® CEO Jeff Brain is ready to share the news. He is developing a neutral platform that embraces premium creators across the spectrum of ideas. One where people can engage in discussion, share pictures, not have their data sold or manipulated, and easily turn those conversations into civic action. CloutHub® is the answer to this need and currently available in an app on google Play and in the Apple Store. The current version of the platform is now ready to welcome content providers and their fans to start rebuilding their networks in anticipation of the robust tools that will be added over the coming months.

As a successful business and civic leader, Jeff has assembled a top-notch team to execute the plan and has earned the support of a number of technology leaders. CloutHub® is designed to be the next generation in social media platforms. As additional features are added it will combine the best functions of many popular platforms and add new features not currently available in one application.

With so many excellent independent journalists and content creators producing material, CloutHub® is developing tools for them to manage their own destiny. Content creators will have individual channels where they can transfer their entire library. There will also be tools so creators can manage their own revenue streams through subscriptions or donations. With this type of flexibility, they will truly own their content. We plan for this suite of tools to be available by the end of 2019.

In the wake of all the distressing news about censorship, Jeff is ready to share his vision and other details with interviewers, free speech advocates and content creators.

About Jeff Brain: You can view Jeff's professional and community leadership information on his LinkedIn Profile.

About Clout Hub: Clout Hub is a Corporation currently operating as part of the Prestigious EvoNexus Incubator in Irvine, California. CloutHub® is now available in the App Store for Apple and Google. The website version is in development and will be available shortly.

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