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CloutHub Breaks the Mold of Social Media, Again

Irvine, California, September 23, 2019: CloutHub® just did what no other social media platform has ever done by adding a Blue Room for Democrats and a Red Room for conservatives to discuss issues with like-minded people. Meanwhile, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram continue to face accusations of manipulating content by filtering trends, shadow banning users and de-platforming content creators. 

CloutHub’s original public timeline is still available for users who want to share non-political content or to debate. 

“On CloutHub there is a place for everybody! It’s that simple” said Jeff Brain, Founder & CEO of CloutHub. “The world doesn’t need another red or blue platform. That will just further divide us as a society. We need a platform where people of diverse backgrounds and opinions can come and work together to address the issues that matter to them.”

Blogger and podcaster Wayne Dupree said that CloutHub® is “Twitter on Steroids” and told his Twitter followers “I told you this new awesome platform isn’t an echo chamber… it’s a new platform with huge upside!”

This is one of many innovations Jeff Brain has envisioned for CloutHub®. As a prominent community Leader and successful entrepreneur, he clearly understands that we need the wisdom and opinions of everyone to solve the problems we face globally and locally. CloutHub@ will continue to add features such as private and public groups, video, live streaming and much more. 


About CloutHub 

CloutHub is a next generation, all-in-one social media platform that launched in early 2019.  Our vision is to provide users with a full suite of tools that allow them to connect, discuss and take real action. CloutHub is a corporation currently operating as part of the prestigious EvoNexus Incubator in Irvine, California. CloutHub is currently available from the App Store and Android Play store with the website version expected to be available later this year.

About Jeff Brain

Jeff has been a successful CEO and civic leader for most of his adult life, including serving as a former commissioner for the City of Los Angeles. He created the vision for CloutHub based on his experiences and his desire to use social media to create vibrant, healthy and prosperous communities everywhere.

The Legacy Platforms Are Not Going To Change
Facebook is deleting groups. CloutHub gives them a home.

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Facebook is deleting groups. CloutHub gives them a home.
Facebook is deleting groups. CloutHub gives them a home.